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Enrolment Process

We currently have aN 18 Month waitlist - please contact us ASAP if you will be needing care






We recommend that you make an appointment to visit the Centre to have a look around, meet the team and make sure it is the right environment for your child.  ​You can then complete an enrolment form and we will also require a copy of child’s immunization certificate and birth certificate. We currently offer enrolment to children from 3 months of age and offer 20 hours free childcare for children aged 3 years and over. WINZ subsidies are available if you qualify.

If you require any changes to your enrolments you must notify the Head Teacher by giving a weeks’ notice. Cancellations require 2 weeks’ notice.

Fees are payable for sickness and holidays, however, we allow 1 week (pro rata) sick leave a year that you are not charged for as long as you notify the Centre of your child’s absence.  We also provide 3 weeks (pro rata)  Annual leave per year with no charge, and then charge 75% of your fees for a fourth week. 

​Childcare subsidies are available from WINZ - see the WINZ website for more info.

​Note: For 20 Hours Free ECE and Over 2’s - requires a minimum booking of 18 hours per week.

All other enrolments (Under 2s) require a minimum booking of 2 sessions per week.

See our Fees for pricing

Settling Your Child


It is important that your child feels comfortable in their new surroundings and we recommend that you and your child visit the Centre at least twice before you leave them with us for the first time. Also, be prepared to stay for a little while on their first day to help them settle. This enables you both to get to know the routine of your child’s day. We have a minimum enrolment of 2 sessions per week to ensure your child settles and gets to know staff and other children.

Health and Safety

You must sign your child in and out of the Centre. This includes the time of your arrival and departure. This register is kept inside the front entrance for your convenience. Please let us know if someone else is dropping off or picking up your child.

Please keep your child away if they are sick until they are fully recovered. It is important to inform us if your child has been sick or may have been in contact with an infectious disease. 

We will contact you if your child becomes ill or has an accident during their attendance at the Centre. 

If your child has a temperature of 38.5 degrees or higher they will be sent home until 24 hours after temperature has returned to normal. 

If your child has a tummy bug you must keep them at home until 48 hours after last symptoms have passed. 


We keep a register of medicines so if your child requires medication during the day we can give this for you.

Please speak to Tammy Jensen if you have anything to add to the register. 

Please also inform us of any dietary or allergy issues your child may have.

Keeping you Informed

We have parent pockets on the wall by our office where we will leave notices, newsletters, statements and other items for your information.  Parents will sometimes leave party invites or play date info in here also. We encourage you to check your parent pocket daily as it is our main form of communication with you along with a closed Facebook page where we post photos and news daily so you can see what activities your child has been enjoying during the day.

Parent Involvement

We welcome and encourage parent and whanau involvement at the Centre. Some of the ways you can be involved are joining the Bayview Community Centre Board as a representative or member, helping out on trip days, coming along to working bees or sharing your interests with us. Please speak to staff if you want to become more involved or look out for opportunities via your parent pocket.

Other Issues

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any concerns or issues you may have with either the Head Teacher or Centre Manager.  If they are not available the staff member responsible at the time will be able to help you. Our door is always open!  The staff look forward to getting to know your child and ensure that they have a safe and happy environment to play and learn in.  We wish to work alongside you and your family and hope that your Bayview Early Learning Centre experience is positive.

See Staff and Centre Info page for contact details.

Please click on the pdf for our Wait List Policy

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