What else do I need to know?
We have a healthy eating and zero waste policy and will provide morning and afternoon tea. There is a daily menu board in the kitchen to update you on what your child will be offered that day. These items will include a range of fresh fruits and other items such as sandwiches, home made pizza, crackers, muffins, etc.. If your child is staying for lunch please give their lunchbox to our support staff to place in our kitchen area. If you have perishables let us know and we will put into our fridge. Please note that we do not encourage junk foods eg chocolate, fizzy drinks etc..Items that contain nuts are not allowed in our Centre. These include nutella and peanut butter. Items that are found to contain nuts will be taken out of lunchboxes and returned to you at pick up time.
Please clearly name your child’s clothing including their bag and lunchbox and including nappies if relevant. Please remember that we encourage lots of outdoor play so a change of clothes is always a good idea. If the weather is warm then in Term 1 and 4 we require a hat to be provided. Our lost property is emptied monthly so please check here often.
Children are discouraged from bringing their own toys to the programme. An exception is a special toy kept for sleep time.
We are fortunate at Bayview to be nestled in an area with native bush and lots of bush walks.  We regularly take the children on visits to go to a local park.  We also make use of the School and its playground in the holidays for bike and wheels days.   We will ask for written permission for all trips away from the Centre using a vehicle.
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